Dropbox Direct Download Link

Sometimes I want to share a large file on my site without tying up bandwidth. If I don’t intend for the file to be downloaded often, I can offload the work to Dropbox and use PHP or htaccess to share a convenient URL.



You can get the direct download link for a Dropbox file like so

1) Sign in and upload a file

Dropbox signin

Here I will share a hard-to-find firmware file for a Japanese Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H router to make it accept US firmware (and not be intentionally crippled anymore!). Now I can use wget to retrieve it.

Upload a file to dropbox

2) Share the file

Click the share button

Hover or right click on the link and click “share”.

3) Create a share link

Create a link

Click on “Create a link” and then copy the new link.

Copy the share link

4) Modify the URL

Paste the link

Change www.dropbox.com to dl.dropboxusercontent.com, and remove the trailing ?dl=0.

Change the link

5) Test it out

Direct download from Dropbox