Bungee Jumping in Japan

That was really a really high bridge – 70m – and the river was shallow beneath us. There was no one else there. The team of jump masters was ready for just us two. It was amazing, like we had the whole valley to ourselves, Alex and I. We wanted an adventure, something we’d never […]

PhpStorm Productivity Shortcuts

I use PHPStorm daily and it’s nice to remember the shortcuts. Sitepoint has a great run down of productivity shortcuts. I’m reproducing my favorite ones here. This comes straight from Sitepoint. PhpStorm remembers multiple clipboard contents – you can press CTRL+SHIFT+V to summon a popup which lets you paste clipboard content that’s less recent than […]

Hello world!

Welcome! I usually keep my writing in my source code comments, or in Evernote, or on Stackoverflow.com, but it makes sense to keep my most useful snippets and research in one central place. This site is more for my own reference, but enjoy if something here helps you.